Live Wax Worms

Waxworms (Galleria mellonella) are the larvae of the Greater Wax Moth, which flies between June and October, and wax worms get their name because they are most commonly found in honeycombs of beeswax. Their soft body is easily digestible and very nutritious. They are rich in protein, moisture and fat, making them an even more juicy meal than mealworms.

How to store: You can keep Waxworms with your Mealworms. They are hardy and quite odourless. They can be stored for 3 to 4 weeks at room temperature in their special tubs.
Each standard tub contains approximately 50 waxworms, a large tub contains approximately 250.

Please Note: all live foods are sent by First Class Royal Mail. They may therefore take 3-5 working days and will arrive separately from the rest of your order. Orders received before 10.00am on Monday-Thursday will be dispatched on the same day. Orders received on a Friday-Sunday will be dispatched on the following Monday.

3 small tubs (@150 waxworms)
Ref. WX150     
1 large tub (@ 250 waxworms)
Ref. WX250     
2 large tubs (@500 waxworms )
Ref. WX500     


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