Deluxe Robin Crumble With Mealworms

Deluxe Robin Crumble is a deliciously high energy seed mix, containing dried mealworms for extra protein and suet pellets for extra fat calories. This crumble is a real winter-warmer for your resident robin and will be loved by other soft-billed garden visitors such as thrushes, dunnocks and blackbirds. This mix also contains sunflower hearts, home grown naked oats, home grown millet, pinhead oatmeal and peanut granules. For best results, feed from a specialist robin feeder (see our Droll Yankees Robin Feeder), or alternatively, sprinkle a handful in a small dish or on the ground.



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2 x 13kg
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2 x 20kg
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3 x 13kg
Ref. DRC26     


Deluxe Robin Crumble With Mealworms

A lovely new home for your resident robin!

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