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Complete Butterfly Biome
Complete Butterfly Biome
Complete Butterfly Biome
  • Complete Butterfly Biome
  • Complete Butterfly Biome
  • Complete Butterfly Biome

Complete Butterfly Biome

The Complete Butterfly BIOME is a complete habitat for Butterflies and Moths and is designed to provide opportunities for both feeding and roosting.
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Product Details

For roosting the interior space can de divided using lengths of dry bark, twigs or similar to create sheltered spaces for roosting and/or hibernating (use the removable dowel to retain the filling). For feeding there are 2 feed cups in the fold-down tray.  The smaller yellow cup is for feeding a nectar solution using Wildlife World special butterfly food with vitamins, or a sugar/water solution.  The larger cup may be used with ripe fruit such as mashed banana.

The fold-down tray may be closed when not in use or during the winter season when it helps insulation. NOTE: availability of a nectar solution in early spring may also help early bumblebees survive  if the weather turns cold.


The biome is made from naturally durable timber for longevity and does not require preservation treatment.  However should you wish to maintain the appearance of the biome the exterior may be painted  annually with a water based paint.

Colour Guide And Native Wildflower Seeds Pack

This gift pack also includes a colour guide to common butterflies and a pack of the top 10 wildflower seeds, specially selected to attract butterflies, which you can sow in your wildlife garden.


  • Feeder & habitat
  • Educational
  • Interactive
  • Manufactured from naturally durable sustainably sourced timber
  • Gift Pack

Dimensions (approx) (H x W x D): 260h x 185w x 125d

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