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Set of 3 Mini Beast Logs

Set of 3 Mini Beast Logs *** Last one for sale***

Home for all sorts of beesties!
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A set of 3 Mini Beast Log Cabins for a variety of garden insects. Each British grown log has intact bark and is cut to size and hand finished with a pattern of different holes and slots. The logs are natural homes and provide the equivalent of fallen wood in your garden which is such a valuable habitat for invertebrates that make up our ecosystem.

The log with the small holes is ideal for solitary bees and the log with larger holes should provide a snug over wintering area for larger insects. The slotted log is designed for lacewings.

Whichever insects find a home, you can be sure that they will be doing a useful job in your garden, tidying and recycling garden debris, pollinating crops or maybe just food for other creatures that we love in our garden such as birds and mammals. Invertebrates (or mini beasts) as children like to call them are crucial to balance and health of our gardens and we think our Log Cabins look great too.

You can stack the logs in a quiet corner of your garden or they can be used in a variety of DIY projects or build your own insect hotel projects.


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