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Mallard Duck Call

Mallard Duck Call

Christmas stocking filler perhaps?
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Doctor Doolittle talked to the animals and now you can practice your own bird song technique with this diverse range of bird callers and whistles.

Each whistle is beautifully crafted (usually from wood)  with various finger holes, sliders or unique features to allow you to learn and replicate the voice of your chosen bird species.

Have a look at the videos and master the calls..... then see if the birds will recognise your song?

Fun and educational for young and old.

We think it would make a great Christmas gift! Have a look at the other bird calls we have here!


Common name: Mallard Duck

Scientific name: Anas platyrhynchos 

Size: 58cm 

Weight: 850-1400g

Diet: vegetarian feeding from aquatic vegetation

Reproduction: April and May. The female lays between 8 and 10 eggs, usually 1 egg per day 

Incubation lasts 30 days and starts once all the eggs are laid.

Habitat: Common & widespread throughout the UK. Lives in any suitable wetland like marshland, ponds, rivers, lakes in countryside or urban environment.

How to use the whistle: 

Blow in the large hole of the whistle pronouncing "DU" more or less loudly

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