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Duck Baskets

Adding a duck basket to your garden will offer a safe place for ducks to nest and shelter!

We currently offer a selection of wicker duck baskets to provide a comfortable and eco-friendly space for your local ducks to inhabit. 

The best place to position your new duck basket is near water where ducks can look for food and swim freely. 

Choose a wicker duck basket from our selection below:

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Learn more about duck nesting

Mallards (female ducks) like to nest near water, and will often pick a nesting spot that is covered in a layer of vegetation or in a hole in a tree (for privacy). Our tightly woven wicker duck baskets mimic these ideal conditions perfectly! 

Ducks lay their eggs between mid-March and the end of the summer and will usually lay around 12 eggs over the cause of a few weeks.

A duck basket will give ducklings the best start in life, keeping them safe, warm and away from predators until they're old enough to head out and explore.

Your new duck basket could help to keep a declining population of ducks alive and kicking! Contact us on 01489896785 if you have any questions.
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