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Caged & Aviary Bird Seed

Caged birds rely solely on their owners for a healthy diet and a healthy living environment. That is why it is so important that we get it right.

 Our On-Song* Range of Caged Bird and Aviary Bird Seeds have been skilfully formulated as natural seed-based blends of premium quality, providing variety, stimulation and pure satisfaction when it comes to delicious food.

Premium Quality means two things; Premium Quality in terms of nutritional goodness; the quality of the seeds, the balance of carbohydrate, protein and fat, as well as vital vitamins and minerals, and Premium Quality in terms of cleanliness and freedom from dust, dirt, respiratory pathogens and toxins.

Our On-Song** range of Caged and Aviary Bird Seeds have been skilfully cleaned by us, here on our farm, to ensure the ultimate cleanliness;  minimising  dust and extraneous dirt and husks. Dust from food can easily be inhaled by caged birds and can impair the ability of birds’ lungs to clear normal secretions, which can then allow viruses and bacteria to cause respiratory infections.

Attention to detail is everything when it comes to Caged and Aviary bird food and providing the best food will ensure that you have healthy, happy active birds in prime condition throughout their lives.

Because we grow many of the seeds here on our farm, and clean them with our own unique cleaning process, we can be sure that the seeds are fresh and nutritious and CLEAN! Good news indeed for your feathered friends.

Many bird food companies do not bother to clean their seeds. Often this is because they don’t have anyone with the expertise to clean seeds well, and they want to sell the cheapest product .To be able to do that, they have to reduce their production costs ( such as electricity for the cleaner) which means they compromise on quality.

We do have the expertise, ( Richard has been cleaning seed for > 30 years ) and we never compromise on quality by skipping on the basics of quality seed production.

So our seed is clean, fresh and highly nutritious. Keeping your caged birds Really On-Song!


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