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Caged & Aviary Bird Seed

Pet birds rely solely on you for food, water and shelter, so choosing bird food that's grown ethically and provides plenty of nutrients is a must. When you choose our premium pet bird food, you can be sure your aviary will be full of happy, healthy and active birds for years to come.

We skilfully formulate all of our caged bird food to provide stimulation and pure satisfaction to your pet bird. We mix our own seed with premium ingredients so your caged birds will have plenty of delicious options.

Choose an appropriate pet bird food from the selection below:

More about our caged bird food

We grow lots of the seeds in our pet bird food on our farm, we clean them and combine them with a variety of other high-quality, nutritious treats to give your pet birds the highest-quality bird food we can. 

If you need help selecting the right bird food mix for your pet birds, give us a call on 01489 896 785and we'll help you to find a suitable option. 
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