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Budgie Seed

Don't limit your budgie's diet to simple budgie pellets. To give your budgie food a bit of variety, why not incorporate some of our wonderful budgie seeds?

As you can see, the budgie food that we offer contains a variety of different seeds including white millet, linseed, canary seed and much more!

Vary your budgie treats by adding our budgie seeds to your feathered friend's diet. We grow many of our delicious budgie seeds with love, right here on our family farm. 

Choose from our selection of budgie seed below:

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Ordering Your Budgie Food

Browse our range of budgie food to find a budgie seed mix that suits you and your pet.

Then, select the quantity you require. We recommend only using your budgie seed for a maximum of five months once it's open so that it stays fresh and nutritious for your budgie(s) - so bear that in mind!

Add your budgie food selection to your basket and then follow the checkout procedure, it's that simple! We hope you and your feathered friends enjoy your new budgie seed!


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