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C&A Pick & Mix

This is a really great way to purchase more than one bag of seeds from our Caged & Aviary bird food range. This  C&A  Pick and Mix Option offers you the opportunity to select multiple 1kg bags of seeds.

This is a really cost effective way of purchasing 2 or more 1kg bags.

As an example, you can combine 1kg of Budgie Tonic Seed Mix and 1kg Budgie Supreme Seed Mix for only £9.75  which will save you £5.85 compared to selecting them as individual items.

You can choose exactly what you would like and the more selections you buy - the greater the savings to be made!

All you have to do is click the items you wish to buy and once you have finished press the 'Add to Basket' button so that your selection will be added to your shopping basket.

Give your pet birds a hand-made birdseed mix that contains lots of what they love, reduce waste, and save yourself some money - a winner all round!

Please note - the basket accumulator will only appear after you have selected 2 items and will limit the total number of 1kg selections to a maximum of 5.

We hope you enjoy picking and mixing!

No. Packs
Price Per Pack
Avg. Saving*

*based on an average price per 1 kg pack of £6.29

Select Your Products:

British Finch MixBritish Finch MixSelect
Budgerigar Supreme Seed MixBudgerigar Supreme Seed MixSelect
Budgerigar Tonic Seed MixBudgerigar Tonic Seed MixSelect
Budgerigar 50:50 Seed MixBudgerigar 50:50 Seed MixSelect
Canary Conditioning Seed MixCanary Conditioning Seed MixSelect
Canary Seed Mix No.2Canary Seed Mix No.2Select
Cockatiel MixCockatiel MixSelect
Foreign Finch MixForeign Finch MixSelect
Parakeet And Lovebird MixParakeet And Lovebird MixSelect
Peanuts in Shells ( Monkey Nuts)Peanuts in Shells ( Monkey Nuts)Select
Tropical Parrot MixTropical Parrot MixSelect
Black Sunflower SeedsBlack Sunflower SeedsSelect
Kibbled MaizeKibbled MaizeSelect
Linseed Linseed Select
Naked Oats Naked Oats Select
Oil Seed RapeOil Seed RapeSelect
Pinhead Oatmeal Pinhead Oatmeal Select
Premium PeanutsPremium PeanutsSelect
Premium Sunflower Hearts Premium Sunflower Hearts Select
Raisins for Garden BirdsRaisins for Garden BirdsSelect
Red MilletRed MilletSelect
Striped Sunflower Seeds Striped Sunflower Seeds Select
White MilletWhite MilletSelect
Fine Oystershell GritFine Oystershell GritSelect
Coarse Oystershell GritCoarse Oystershell GritSelect
 Flint Growers Grit Flint Growers GritSelect
Mixed Poultry GritMixed Poultry GritSelect
Your Selection:  items

Why mix your own bird food?

We know that pet birds can be fussy when it comes to feeding time! Birds will starve themselves if you offer them food that they don't like, so you need to be very mindful of what they do and don't like to keep them fit and healthy. 

You can combine a variety of seeds and pellets to provide your caged birds with all the nutrients they need. Our Caged & Aviary Pick & Mix is a great way to buy the food your bird likes, in bulk!

If you need help making your own bird food mix for your caged birds, give the experts here at Really Wild Bird Food a call on 01489 896 785.
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