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Ring Pull* Plastic Peanut Feeders
Ring Pull* Plastic Peanut Feeders
Ring Pull* Plastic Peanut Feeders

Ring Pull* Plastic Peanut Feeders

Easy Clean Peanut Feeders ( previously called 'The One')
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This mild and wet winter that we are having is challenging for feeding peanuts. Firstly - because it is mild, the need for oil rich peanuts as an energy source is reduced so currently peanut feeders that would normally be empty in the morning, still have peanuts in them. Add to that a hefty dose of rain, and more rain, and the peanuts become sodden and then mouldy. The best way to tackle the issue is;

1. Use smaller peanut feeders, fill them with fewer peanuts and replenish them on a daily basis and
2. Use an 'easy clean' peanut feeder - which takes all the pain away and means that you can easily discard rotten peanuts and keep your feeders hygienic.

These new peanut feeders are fantastically easy to clean. The twist-off base separates in an instant and cleaning takes a matter of seconds - BLISS!


  • The One* Small Peanut Feeder - 200mm (excluding hanger)
  • The One* Large Peanut Feeder - 300mm (excluding hanger)
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