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Do you want to learn more about goldfinches? How to attract them to your garden and what to do once you have them? Well, dive into our goldfinch bird profile to learn everything you need to know about these beautiful little birds!


The goldfinch, also known as Carduelis carduelis, is one of the most attractive birds you're likely to find in Britain thanks to its bright colours and unique patterns. More...

bird evolution

It might be hard to believe but the birds we see flying around our skies today are share their ancestory with dinosaurs! That's right, bird evolution is a complex process that's taken place over hundreds of thousands of years to bring us the wide array of feathered species we see today.

In this blog, we're going to take a deep dive into the history of birds, their ancestory and their evolutionary story. So, if you've been asking yoursef - what did birds evolve from? You're in the right place! Strap yourself in, we're heading back 115 million years to see where the evolution of birds started... More...

song thrush

Song thrushes are a truly charming species of bird that can be found in most British gardens. Unlike mistle thrushes, song thrushes are small and brown in colour with a creamy/yellow coloured breast.

Weighing in at only 65-100g, these delicate little birds are a delight to see, but not always the easiest to spot! 

One feature that distinguishes song thrushes from other birds is their repetitive song phrases. Want to find out more about these gorgeous little songbirds? Just keep reading. More...


Next on our list of profiles for some of Britain's favourite birds is the Chaffinch! Here we will look at every Chaffinch, from their appearance and their behaviours to their sleeping patterns and what they eat. So, if you're looking for a know-it-all guide to one of the UK's most beloved birds, you are definitely in the right place. 


If like many people in Britain, you have a deep love for birds, you'll most likely be aware of the various strange and wonderful species that you can find here. For those who don't, however, this guide to some of the rarest birds found in the UK is sure to get your wings flapping with excitement. So strap in and fly with us through our list of some of the rarest birds species found right here in Britain! 



Of all wild birds, blackbirds are one of the most common and one of the easiest to identify. In total, there are over 10 million blackbirds in the UK, it's highly likely that you have one visiting your garden on a regular basis.

Their shiny black feathers and bright yellow beaks make them very easy to spot in your garden. Today we're going to get to know them a little better! More...


As you can tell, we have a bit of an obsession with robins here at Really Wild Bird Food. Our robin mascot can be seen throughout our website and across our social media, bringing a touch of cheer to every page!

Year after year, robins have been voted the UK's favourite bird, but surely that comes as no surprise. Who doesn't love robins? When you see or hear a robin redbreast (particularly during winter) it fills you with a sense of pure joy. More...