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big seed gold offer

We're very excited to introduce you to our brand new seed mix - Big Seed Gold! If you were a fan of our popular Big Seed Mix, then we're sure you'll love this 'less mess' version too.

It's a wholesome, nutritious seed mix that's full of nutty goodness. We've stripped back all the small and messy seeds like millet, rape and linseed to create a mix that produces less waste and mess in your garden. More...

hedgehog hibernation

One of our most recognisable wild animals - the humble hedgehog - is currently on a mission to fatten up before hibernating over the Winter. From roughly November to March, they will snuggle up in a pile of leaves, logs or garden debris to conserve their energy before breeding in the spring.

This loveable creature's true habitat is woodland but they also love to explore our gardens, which provide shelter, food and potential mates. Hedgehogs are often called 'the gardener's best friend' as they like to feast on pesky slugs. More...

Mothering Sunday falls on 31st March this year when the birds will be in full springtime swing! To celebrate, we have teamed up with local artisan supplier The Bird Bakery to stock a new range of pretty bird cakes, made using our own home-grown seed mixes.

Perfect for your Mum's bird table - or indeed as gifts for other bird lovers in your life - these bird cakes will delight both the recipient and their birds equally.

The Heart Bird Seed Cake is filled with premium peanuts and sunflower hearts (packed with protein and essential oils) and the heart-shaped decoration contains a blend of other high-quality seeds to attract a wide range of garden birds including Robins, Finches, Blackbirds, Tits and Sparrows to name but a few.

mother's day


The Bird Seed Cake Slice is similar in content, except the mixed seeds make up the 'cake' and the peanuts and sunflower hearts make up the top layer, as an energy-rich 'frosting'!

new bird food product


The large Spring Wreath is a blend of seed, peanuts and sunflowers hearts, ready to be hung by its hessian bow or placed on a bird table.

Each of these items is adorned with paper roses for that extra special touch, without being toxic to birds and other wildlife.

We stock the Mini Bird Seed wreaths in boxes of eight. They are a mixed bag of three varieties - premium peanut and sunflower heart with a sprinkle of mixed seed, niger seed with a blend of mixed seed, and ultra-rich mixed seed blend - designed to attract a range of birds who will enjoy swinging away when hung with the natural jute string.

Each Bird Bakery item has a 3-month use-by date, although we recommend using within one month to be as fresh and tasty as possible.

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We at Really Wild Bird Food offer an extensive range of stand-alone feeder cages and guardians, which can be used with your existing feeders to make life much more difficult for squirrels and large, unwelcome birds like seagulls and pigeons. We also stock Nuttery caged bird feeders, which include both the guardian and the feeder itself.

Click here to browse our full range of feeder guardians, or choose from the featured products listed below. Remember, we offer FREE delivery on all feeders IF you also order seeds or live worms from our Bird Foods department.

Feeder Guardian

Droll Yankee Bird Feeder Guardian

Two sizes available (small or large). Compatible with Droll Yankee tubular feeders.

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Caged Bird Feeder for Fat Balls

Caged Fat Ball Feeder

Protect your fat balls from larger birds. Ideal for attracting small birds to your garden for a high-energy feast.

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Peanut Globe Bird Feeder

Nuttery Peanut Globe

Feed whole peanuts to your garden birds while keeping out unwelcome visitors.

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Squirrel Proof Ground Feeder Guardian

Squirrel Proof Ground Feeder Guardian

Perfect for protecting ground feeders. Allow little birds in while keeping squirrels and big birds out.

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See our latest new products
These include the Blackbird Nester, Woodpecker Nestbox, Blue Dipper Bird Bath and the 20/20 Bird Feeder

20/20 Bird Feeder
Attaches to the outside of your window. Apart from providing the perfect view of your garden birds up close, this tough long-lasting feeder with its powerful suction cups won't even leave any marks on the glass where these are put up. The adjustable rain canopy which also gives it its better looks, apart from protecting the food and feeding birds. With ample perching place and adjustments to discourage the larger birds, you will sure get to see a number of tits and robins apart from some other tiny visitors.

Blue Dipper Bird Bath
If you have a pretty and cozy small garden this lovely new Blue Dipper bird bath is the perfect option for you! The frost-resistant ceramic in a striking Cerulean blue glaze provides a beautiful contrast to the natural terracotta rim which also adorns a decorative pair of clay birds. The 2 landing stones placed at the centre provide an easy access to the water for your tiny guests.

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We keep on adding new and interesting items to try to ensure our website is bang up to date with latest products and every time you visit Really Wild Bird Food website you see something new.
Have you checked out our recent additions yet?

You have seen the ornate and the practical bird baths in our collection that are good looking as well as an affective way of attracting birds to your garden (especially when it is dry). Have a look at this lovely new Blue Dipper bird bath. The perfect option for the smaller garden and will look pretty too!

Made from frost-resistant ceramic, this decorative bird bath comes with a striking Cerulean blue glaze that creates a beautiful contrast with the natural terracotta rim. The decorative pair of clay birds perched at the water’s edge makes it look all the more interesting. The terracotta landing stones placed at the centre give a perfect place for the birds to land and provide easy access to the water too.
View our full collection of garden bird baths.

Here is what is new at Really Wild Bird Food Company. Latest in our ever expanding range of products form you and your birds is an great addition to our Pick and Mix section
Now you will be happy to know that we are offering the inclusion of suet pellets in our Pick & Mix selections!

Our Pick and Mix options come in 2 forms, the Mini Pick and Mix of 2kg quantity and the normal Pick and Mix of 4kg quantity. Ingredients include choices from any of our Seed Mixes, Straight Seeds, Peanuts and now our latest addition to the options the Suet Pellets!

The best thing about Pick and Mix is being able to acquire a wide variety of bird feeds and enabling you to try something new in your garden at least cost

So why not visit our Pick and Mix! The Choice Is Yours!

The Get Set Go Feeders for example are low cost, available in beautiful colours and easy to use. The quick release base and the easy disassembling make these feeders easy to clean thoroughly. These feeders are available in different colours and make great gift options too. Since Christmas is just round the corner, these will definitely make well appreciated gift options for the bird lovers.

The other new entrant in our list of products are The One Peanut feeders. These feeders can be mounted on the Droll Yankee Garden Poles and are again very easy to clean since they are easily detachable. The Ring Pull feeder is another great option that is cost effective and top quality. The parts of these feeders can be easily separated by simply pulling out the central pin which again facilitates easy cleaning. These come in different sizes to suit your requirements.

Birds love peanut butter and so we have Flutter Butter, a rich and nutritious option with a low salt content which makes a delicious protein boost all year round. What’s more it can be put out in the garden easily by simply twisting the jar into the Flutter Butter Feeder.
Apart from these we have many more options available but if you prefer a gift voucher that option is also available.

If you have limited space in your garden then one of the best methods of attracting wild birds is by providing window or balcony mounted bird feeders and the necessary bird food.

With these window feeders you can really see the birds up close which is a fun and interesting experience.
Apart from attracting and seeing the birds close, the other advantages include:-
- usually these feeders stay well protected from all the annoying unwanted visitors like squirrels
- their local position means it is usually quite easy to clean the bird feeding equipement
- replenishing the food supply is usually easy
- birds feeding close to the house are usually better protected from predators

To make your visiting birds feel safer you could consider placing some plants or shrubs in pots that provide helpful cover.

At Really Wild Bird Company we have a wide variety of feeders which includes some that are ideal as window or balcony feeders such as the new Woodlook™ hanging feeders. These feature a tough, coated-steel mesh base, making them ideal for offering seed mixes and straight foods. The superbly stable frames of these elegantly designed feeders look remarkably like natural wood. They won’t warp or rot and never need painting or staining. These superb hanging feeders are available in Light Oak or Woodland Green finish.
Our new Woodlook™ hanging feeders feature a tough, coated-steel mesh base, making them ideal for offering seed mixes and straight foods. The superbly stable frames of these elegantly designed feeders look remarkably like natural wood. They won’t warp or rot and never need painting or staining. These superb hanging feeders are available in Light Oak or Woodland Green finish.

See our full range of bird feeders at The Really Wild Bird Food Company.


 hedgehog habitats

Photo courtesy of Jared Belson

There are about 17 different hedgehog species all over the world. Hedgehogs are commonly found across a number of rural as well as urban habitats and are found in almost all parts of Britain. Woodlands are their natural habitats and they often prefer being near hedgerows which provide them with the ideal place for nesting and also a steady supply of feed and protection from the predators.

Hedgehogs are also frequent visitors to our gardens as these gardens provide them with plenty of food that is naturally available as well as the supplementary supply put out by people. Gardens also provide them with a safe place for nesting and even in certain cases hibernation. This is the main reason why hedgehogs are often found in high numbers in urban areas.

Since hedgehogs are frequent visitors to our gardens, we have introduced new wicker Igloo Houses, especially for these special friends. These houses offer the hedgehogs as well as certain other mammals a safe retreat for nesting and resting, protecting them from hazards such as predators and man-made hazards such as garden machinery etc. These Igloo Houses are dome shaped with a durable and waterproof steel frame coated with brushwood and moss which offers effective camouflage.

Placing these Igloos in sheltered areas with an additional camouflage of twigs etc might ensure that these are used not just for nesting but for hibernation as well. The tiny entrance of the house makes it difficult for the large predators to gain access inside thus making these safe havens for the hedgehogs. These wicker Igloo Houses are the perfect options to lure the hedgehogs to your garden and create a permanent home for them on your property.

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