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Conqueror™ Giant Metal Seed Feeders
Conqueror™ Giant Metal Seed Feeders
Conqueror™ Giant Metal Seed Feeders

Conqueror™ Giant Metal Seed Feeders

Large Capacity Seed Feeders in a choice of 3 sizes
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Product Details

Available in three generous sizes, 8 port, 10 port and 12 port feeders.

Made from die-cast powder-coated zinc and strong polycarbonate tubing, Conqueror™ seed feeders offer long life and excellent resistance to squirrel damage.

These hold a lot of seed and therefore are fairly heavy, we recommend mounting on a garden pole or hanging from a strong branch using a suitable hook. They are also long so you need to have plenty hanging height to accommodate these feeders.

They are great if you have lots of birds in your garden, lots of goldfinches ( because they like to feed in charms ) and also really useful if you are going away for a period of time and want to keep feeders active while you are away.

These are the largest capacity seed feeders that we currently offer.

Feeder heights shown include fully extended handle.

8 port -  Diameter 8.5cm, Height 60cm, Approx Capacity 1.82kg

10 port - Diameter 8.5cm, Height 90cm, Approx Capacity 2.64kg

12 port - Diameter 8.5cm, Height 120cm, Approx Capacity 3.64kg

Colour  Silver

Material Metal

These feeders will be resilient to squirrel damage but obviously won't stop the squirrel accessing the food.


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