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Platform One - Adaptable Tray Feeder

Platform One - Adaptable Tray Feeder

An Adaptable Tray Feeder which can be Hung or Pole Mounted
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While many birds love feeding from a tube feeder, others prefer to feed on the ground or a table. PlatformOne™ appeals specially to ground feeding species that visit your garden.

PlatformOne™ is a versatile feeder for a wide variety of food – from seeds, blends and suet to left-over table scraps. It isn't suitable for live mealworms though as they can wriggle through the drainage holes: use dried mealworms instead.

Dimensions: 287 x 212 x 37mm


  • Ideal for offering seeds, blends, suet or table scraps
  • Hang from tree or hook
  • Drainage holes keep food dry and mould-free
  • Integrated pole socket (mounts on any 1” pole)
  • Made of polycarbonate
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