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Squirrel Proof Seed Saver 200
Squirrel Proof Seed Saver 200
  • Squirrel Proof Seed Saver 200
  • Squirrel Proof Seed Saver 200

Squirrel Proof Seed Saver 200

The ultimate solution to stop greedy squirrels feeding on your bird seed for good!
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Squirrels and large birds can quickly empty feeders, depriving smaller birds of a nutritious meal. Put an end to this with the Squirrel Solutions Seed Saver 200, a cleverly designed, guaranteed squirrel-proof feeder, featuring multiple deterrents that keep squirrels away from the feeder ports.  Steel shields on the Seed Saver 200’s spring-loaded shroud protect your seeds from hungry squirrels, and because the shroud is weight-sensitive, smaller wild birds can perch and feed all they want.  The second a squirrel steps onto the shroud, the shields move down to seal off the seed ports. Once the squirrel realizes it can’t ‘beat’ the Seed Saver and leaves, the shields return to their ‘neutral’ position, opening the seed ports so your birds can return to perch and feed.

100% squirrel proof, and comes with a 100-Year Guarantee!

The Seed Saver 200 is guaranteed to be 100% free of manufacturing or material defects for 100 years from the date of purchase!

  • Comes with instructions for proper use and cleaning, as well as tips for attracting and protecting garden birds.
  • Free seed funnel is included for easy refilling, and the bright yellow Seed-O-Meter makes it easy to see the current seed level.
  • Interior plastic tube reservoir can be removed for cleaning and is dishwasher safe.
  • Metal construction, narrow cage openings and sensitive spring movement deter squirrels effectively.
  • Holds approx 1.5kg seed.
  • Be sure you hang your Seed Saver 200 at least 15 inches from any adjacent surface to foil the squirrels.
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