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Decorative Bronze Squirrel Proof Nut/Suet Pellet Feeder
Decorative Bronze Squirrel Proof Nut/Suet Pellet Feeder

Decorative Bronze Squirrel Proof Nut/Suet Pellet Feeder

Keep squirrels and bigger birds at bay
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This lovely decorative bronze effect squirrel prood caged feeder is part of a family which also includes a fatball feeder and a seed feeder. It is designed to keep squirrels and bigger birds ( such as jays, magpies, rooks and pigeons ) at bay.

It is robust and easy to open and fill, with a simple clip over catch. It holds approx. 460g of peanuts or approx.400g of suet pellets and is coated with Feedsafe™ biocidal coating which prevents the growth of bacteria and mould.

Height 31cm

Holds approx 460g peanuts, or 400g of suet pellets

See also the Decorative bronze squirrel proof fatball feeder and the Decorative bronze squirrel seed feeder.

Street End Farm

Customer Reviews

Tim Brooks
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We liked the appearance of this feeder, It's stury, and has a good closing mechanism. However, we can't explain why, but this feeder is used by blue tits, long-tailed tits and coal tits, but is avoided by sparrows and great tits. Possibly the cage is too tight for the great tits, but they do try to get in. The sparrows have never even landed on it, but feed voraciously at our other similar feeders. We wonder if the shiny bronze colour (which we like!) is a problem for them ?
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