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Droll Yankee Tipper
Droll Yankee Tipper
Droll Yankee Tipper
  • Droll Yankee Tipper
  • Droll Yankee Tipper
  • Droll Yankee Tipper

Droll Yankee Tipper

SAVE at least £25 and beat your squirrel once and for all!
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Product Details

Squirrels driving you crazy? Eating all the bird food and getting in places they are not supposed to get?

We have the answer! This fabulous Droll Yankee Tipper* bird feeder is a match for any squirrel.

This is an exclusive and unique offer for our customers since these feeders are not now available unless they are ordered in the USA.

Key features are;

It has a  9 inch weight-sensitive collapsing tray which will support the weight of small birds but will tilt when a heavier squirrel trys to land on it

It is big! It will hold approximately 2.5kg of seed .

It has 4 seed ports providing the optimum feeding position.

It has a central interior baffle which encourages seed to flow freely down to the seed ports.

It is 21 inches long so squirrels can't reach the seed ports when they hang upside down from the top of the feeder

It has a metal powder coated cap which fits snugly on the polycarbonate tube - making it diffcult for even the most enraged squirrel to prise off

We are selling them for only £75. The RRP for this feeder is around £109 plus the delivery charge from the USA - so really great value.

View the Droll Yankee video here. Please note this is a montage video - it includes the Yankee Flipper that is no longer available. But a fun video to watch!


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