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Apple Suet Pellets
Apple Suet Pellets
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Apple Suet Pellets

New flavour!
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Product Details

 These new apple flavoured suet pellets will add even more variety to our range of top quality suet pellets. They are not quite 'Granny Smith' green - but are sure to add colour and variety to your offering. Why not mix apple, berry and fruit for a flavour packed, vitamin filled, totally nutritious meal?

 These premium quality suet pellets are incredibly palatable and your garden visitors will adore them. You can feed the pellets from a mesh (peanut type) feeder, put them on a table or feeding station or scatter them in your hedgerows for your ground feeding birds. The relatively soft consistency of semi-moist high energy suet pellets makes them easy to consume and highly digestible, and the high fat content provides an immediate energy source.

You can now select the 2kg size option within our Mini Pick 'n Mix and the 4kg option from the Pick 'n Mix option - saving you lots of money! 

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