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Seed Coconut Half Quad Tray

Seed Coconut Half Quad Tray

Ready to hang
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These half filled coconut shells are full of energy-rich bird-safe suet  providing much needed calories for your garden birds.

High-energy food is extra important during cold and long nights or during the breeding and moulting seasons so we ensure our range of foods all have a high calorie content. These coconuts will give your birds a huge energy boost with every beakful and they make an appealing addition to your feeding station.

Each coconut is supplied with a strong rope for easy hanging from a tree or hook.

4 coconut halves per pack weighing 200g each 

Street End Farm

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I bought these to persuade the starlings away from the seed feeder so the house sparrows could get more of a look in. It sort of works. The attached hanging loops do make life easy for me - but I've found I need to hang these near a branch or such so that more birds can reach it as not all seem happy/able to get on it to feed (the three quarter/whole shells are better in that respect). Blue tits will take some once the starlings have finished. Magpies make an occasional snack of it. Also very popular with all busy parenting birds in the spring. My value for money rating is on the low side as there used to be a similar item that was considerably cheaper and just as good - but now there are only these. For all I know the price of coconuts has shot up but it means I only put these out once a week instead of more often.
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