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Bumble Bee Mix
Bumble Bee Mix
  • Bumble Bee Mix
  • Bumble Bee Mix

Bumble Bee Mix

Blues reds and purples to bring in the bees!
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Our Bumble bee wildflower mix is a fast growing blend of flowering species designed to attract many Bumble bee and honey bee species. The colourful blend can flower from May to November and will last for up to 5 years Over time, some of the species may dominate the mix, but that will depend on your soil type.

Sow at a rate of 5- 7 grams per metre sq

so 40g pack will sow approx @ 9 m2

100g will sow approx @ 20m2

200g will sow approx @ 40m2

% wildflower species

3% Phacelia, 17.5% Borage, 13.5% birdsfoot trefoil, 7% red clover, 7% crimson clover, 7% lucerne, 7% vetch, 3.5% echium and 25.5% sanfoin.

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