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Washington Wooden Next Box 32mm

Washington Wooden Next Box 32mm

A general-purpose nest box with a 32mm hole suitable for nuthatches, sparrows, tits and many more garden birds
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MATERIAL: Sustainably sourced wood

DIMENSIONS (MM): 250 x 120 x 175


SPECIES: Great, Blue, Marsh, Coal, and Crested Tits, Redstarts, Nuthatches, Collard and Pied Flycatchers, Tree, and House Sparrows.

SITING: Hang 1.5 metres or higher and angle so that they face away from the prevailing wind (usually south-westerly in the UK). Place near to good tree (particularly oak) or hedge cover.

MAINTENANCE: The nest box can be opened at the front for cleaning after the breeding season. This is generally around October when you can be sure that no more birds are breeding inside.  A clean nest box will also attract birds who want to use it as a shelter during colder winter months.

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