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Ground Bird Feeder Stations & Guardians

Ground feeders are one of our most versatile bird feeding solutions, with guardians available to protect your birds from predators, pets and larger birds.

While hanging feeders are now the most popular bird feeding method in UK gardens, we have an array of alternative options available, some of which may even attract a greater variety of garden birds! One such product is the ground feeder, which comes in a range of designs and specifications to suit a broader selection of feeding aims.

Our ground bird feeders are not only easy to clean and disinfect, they are also incredibly versatile, with the ability to act as a feeding station for all sorts of birds - from poultry to little finches! The ground feeding stations are also suitable for many different food types, from seed mixes to live mealworms.

To help protect your garden birds from predators and guard their food against pests such as squirrels and larger birds, we also supply a selection of guardians, which can be paired with your ground bird feeder. This is a particularly useful solution for pet owners, as well as for those who live in areas with a thriving squirrel population.

Wondering what to put in your ground bird feeder? Add one of our seed mixes to your basket and get FREE DELIVERY on your entire order!

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