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Bat Box

Here you can see our selection of bat boxes, designed to provide bats with a man-made home when nesting space isn't available. Bats love to nest in narrow, tight spaces with a slightly rough texture so there's plenty of grip. Our bat boxes mimic nesting spots that bats would favour in the wild. 

Choose a bat box from the selection below: 

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Where to put your new bat box

Bat houses should be mounted on the side of your home or a pole so your friendly local bats have space to drop down and take off when it's time to leave. Mounting your new back house on a tree is not ideal because they leave bats vulnerable to predators!

Bats are great at keeping the number of insects, like mosquitos, at bay - so give them a little helping hand! If you have any questions, give us a call on 01489896785.

Bat Box FAQs

  • Where should a bat box be placed?
  • Bat boxes (also known as bat houses) should be placed at least 10 feet high – 12-20 feet is better. Positioning your bat box so that it is south facing is ideal, so that it can be exposed to 6-8 hours of sunlight a day. Bats lose a large amount of heat through their skin, and when they return home after a long night their house may be uncomfortably cold – placing your bat box in direct morning sun can help them stay warm.

    Avoid placing your bat box close to overhead wires, busy roads, and lamp posts. Avoid mounting your bat box directly to a tree or in the tree line, as these positions can offer limited sun exposure and allow predators (e.g. owls) to perch nearby.

  • How do you attract bats to a bat box?
  • Bats typically use tree lines/hedgerows for navigation, so putting your bat box near these features can help bats find their way to your box. If you want to make the area surrounding the box more inviting to bats, we’d also advise the following:

    • Avoid using pesticides
    • Provide a water source
    • Make sure the bat box gets plenty of sunlight
    • Plant night-blooming flowers nearby
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