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Suet Bird Food

Wild bird suet is an excellent source of healthy essential fats, giving your garden birds an energy boost and extra calories – particularly important in the colder winter months!

If you want a high-energy food source for the wild birds who visit your garden, we supply a great selection of fat balls, suet pellets and other calorie-rich treats for birds. Wild bird suet is ideal for the colder months (as well as the breeding, moulting and migration seasons) because they deliver the additional boost of energy needed to keep your garden birds healthy and full of life! Birds also love the taste of our premium suet feeds – the delicious taste will keep them coming back for more!

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21 Product(s)
 Seed and Suet Combo™ Seed and Suet Combo™ Gourmet seeds and delicious suet pellets means everything is eaten!
Mini Suet Pellets Mini Suet Pellets Mini Suet Pellets With Maximum Flavour
Tidy Garden™ Suet Boost Tidy Garden™ Suet Boost Our no-mess mix - boosted with delicious suet pellets
Suet To Go™ Less Mess Suet Blocks
Suet To Go™ Less Mess Suet Blocks A great high-energy feed choice all year round!

High-Quality Wild Bird Suet

In order to provide our customers with the top-quality products they expect, we at Really Wild Bird Food work hard to ensure that all of our wild bird suet feeds are sourced from within the UK.

We also strive to provide the best possible variety of products, stocking suet pellets in a range of flavours, along with nutrient-rich suet cakes in an array of shapes and sizes, with additional ingredients including mealworms, peanuts, berries and more!

Our garden bird suet is healthy and delicious, and with so much variety on offer, you’re bound to find something that your feathered friends will love!

For added convenience, we also supply an assortment of suet feeders, which provide a highly efficient feeding method to pair with our fat balls and suet pellets.

Contact us today and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about our suet products.
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