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Wild Bird Seed Mixes

If you’re looking for high-quality wild bird seed that also offers a huge variety of flavour combinations, look no further than the fantastic selection of bird seed available here at Really Wild Bird Food!

Our UK farm provides the very best level of nutritional quality, palatability and cleanliness, which means that our wild bird food is the perfect choice for keeping your garden visitors healthy and happy. If you’re looking for a wild bird seed mix, you’ll be pleased to hear that we create a fantastic selection of bird seed mixes here on Street End Farm, using a range of ingredients to attract a greater variety of garden birds.

Thoughtfully and skilfully put together to suit almost any feeding requirement, our wild bird seed mixes are nutritionally balanced and unique, making it easy to find the perfect match for your feeding requirements. While certain birdseed ingredients may need to be sourced from elsewhere, we do our very best to minimise travel mileage wherever possible. This means our bird seed is reducing our carbon footprint and helping to preserve the environment!

Choose from our wide selection of bird seed mixes below, and simply click to find out more!


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Featured Products

Deluxe Robin Crumble™
Deluxe Robin Crumble™ A Gourmet Treat for Your Garden Birds - Packed with Energy and Taste!
Table Mix Table Mix A nutritious bird seed mix with a selection of delicious flakes
Raisin-Free Ground Blend
Raisin-Free Ground Blend Delicious muesli for birds and safe to feed if pets are around
Bird Cake Mix Bird Cake Mix A delicious, high energy combination to blend with your own suet
Native Finch Mix Native Finch Mix It's not just the finches that will love this seed mix
High Energy Blend™ High Energy Blend™ Free Flowing, Husk Free and High Energy Premium Seed Blend
Ground Blend Ground Blend A fruit and nut muesli packed full of succulent raisins and lovely rolled naked oats.
Big Seed Gold™ Big Seed Gold™ High Energy, Less Mess and Only Big Seeds !
 Seed and Suet Combo™ Seed and Suet Combo™ Gourmet seeds and delicious suet pellets means everything is eaten!
Tidy Garden Mix™
Tidy Garden Mix™ Our No 1 Best Seller - No Mess, No Waste
Tidy Garden™ Suet Boost
Tidy Garden™ Suet Boost Our no-mess mix - boosted with delicious suet pellets
High Energy Fledgling Mix™
High Energy Fledgling Mix™ High Energy food for Fledglings
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