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Countryside Stewardship

Under the Countryside Stewardship scheme, grants are available to help farmers offer supplementary feeds for farmland birds like turtle doves, yellowhammers and linnets.

Really Wild Bird Food is pleased to offer a selection of feeds that meet the requirements for AB12 and HF24 supplementary feeding. We also offer an SP9 turtle dove seed mix.

Supplementary feeding benefits the environment by providing much-needed food resources for farmland birds in late winter and early spring (December to April). This period is known as the 'hungry gap' because seed is in short supply and birds are entering the breeding season.

Available for Countryside Stewardship Mid Tier and Higher Tier Schemes on whole or part-parcels in rotation on: arable land, temporary grassland or bush orchards.

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Supplementary Feeding for Farmland Birds

In addition to the bird feeds listed above, we can provide our own specialist seed mixes and tailor 'pre' mixtures for use with your own farm-saved cereals and/or oilseeds.

Feeds can be supplied in tote bags or 20kg sacks, and can be delivered to you or collected from Street End Farm, Ashton Lane, Bishop’s Waltham, Hampshire, SO32 1FS.

For more informatiom about our Countryside Stewardship feeds, please contact us today.


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