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Peanuts for Birds

High in energy, rich in nutritional oils, and packed with protein, our wild bird peanuts are one of the most popular choices amongst garden birds and bird enthusiasts alike!

Consumed by a range of species - from tits and nuthatches to the great spotted woodpecker - peanuts are a highly popular treat that leaves remarkably little waste, making this a highly convenient feeding option for your feathered visitors.

Here at Really Wild Bird Food, we supply various grades of tasty peanuts for birds, along with a selection of bird-friendly peanut butters. Whether you're ordering our easy-to-digest peanut granules or serving up a more fulsome feast in the form of our premium Argentinian peanuts, we are confident that both you and the wild birds who visit your outdoor space will be supremely satisfied with our top-quality bird peanuts.

Choose from the peanut products listed below, or give us a call on 01489 896785 if you require any assistance.

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