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Really Wild Bird Food FAQs

Have a question about our really wild bird food products? Perhaps you’re looking for advice on what to feed your garden birds? Before sending us your queries, be sure to check out our commonly-asked questions below:Q. What is the difference between your Premium Sunflower Hearts and Standard Sunflower Hearts? A. Our Premium hearts are always Bakery Grade hearts and the product quality is more consistent than that of the Standards. They tend to be plumper than the Standard hearts and there will be less waste. Q. What is the difference between your Premium Peanuts and Classic Peanuts? A. Our Premium peanuts are always pale, smooth skin Java peanuts. The Classic peanuts which we supply can vary from time to time. Often, they are red-skinned peanuts and can be of variable size, depending on the time of year and the peanut harvests. Q. I am looking for a ‘No Mess’ Mix which won’t sprout and create a mess under my feeding station, which one should I use? A. Our Tidy Garden Mix is our ‘no mess’ alternative. It only contains ingredients which won’t sprout under feeding stations, or why not consider our New Tidy Garden Suet Boost which has the added benefit of suet pellets.Q. I am new to bird feeding. Which seed mix would you recommend? A. Our Original Farm Mix would be a really good starting point. It contains 11 different seeds – so there is something for every garden visitor to enjoy!Q. We are trying to encourage Sparrows back into our garden – can you help? A. Oh yes we can! Try feeding our fabulous new Sparrow Seed Mix and if you can, put up a Sparrow Colony Box. Q. Which seeds would you recommend to attract Goldfinches into our garden? A. Goldfinches love Niger seed, however they also really enjoy sunflower hearts and our Premium Finch Mix (which contains Niger seed ) is also a firm favourite.Q. Are raisins safe to feed birds?A. Blackbirds and thrushes love raisins, however they are poisonous for cats and dogs – so please don’t throw them on the ground if you have pets at home.Q. What would you recommend for my Robin?A. Our Deluxe Robin Crumble (which contains mealworms) is a firm favourite and one of our most popular products. Q. Is it better to feed live mealworms or dried ones? A. Comparing live and dried mealworms is like comparing grapes and raisins. When feeding chicks , the moisture content of the live mealworms will supply needed water to the youngsters. At other times of the feeding year, it just depends on whether you mind them wriggling or not! Q. I have just bought some live mealworms – what should I feed them?A. They love succulent carrot! Just chop a carrot in half and pop it in with the mealworms. Q. My daughter has a peanut allergy – what can I feed the birds? A. If this is the case, we would recommend that you feed sunflower hearts to the birds in your garden. Many of the seed mixes and fat products will contain traces of peanut.Q. Which Seed Mix would you recommend when it is extremely cold? A. When the weather is extremely cold, birds need the highest energy possible. This comes in the shape of suet products and also high energy seed mixes. Our highest energy seed mixes are our SEED and SUET COMBO, TIDY GARDEN SUET BOOST and our HIGH ENERGY BLEND.Q. The birds in my garden seem to waste a lot of the smaller seeds. What would you recommend?A. It may be that you are over-feeding the birds and putting out too much, relative to their needs. However in some gardens, the resident birds prefer larger seeds and we have a very popular BIG SEED MIX – which is what it says on the bag! Q. Which products do you grow on your farm?A. We grow as many bird seed crops as we can on our farm. Currently we grow our own oil seed rape, wheat, red millet, white millet, plain canary seed and naked oats.

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