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Trial Packs - ONLY £12.95


If you have been browsing our site but can't quite decide which of our fantastic products to feed  your garden birds - then why not try this trial pack option?

You can order up to 4 different bird food sample packs and each pack will be 500g. (So that's 2kg of bird food in total!)

That should be enough to fill most bird feeders a couple of times - which will give your garden birds plenty of time to choose their favourites!

Please note - You can select up to 4 different foods for £12.95. That could be a combination of seeds, peanuts or suet pellets - the choice is yours!

Just select the 4 items you wish to buy from the selections which appear below and once you have made your selections click the "Add to Basket" button. 


Select Your Products:

Big Seed Gold™ Big Seed Gold™ Select
Bird Cake MixBird Cake MixSelect
Deluxe Robin Crumble™ Deluxe Robin Crumble™ Select
EnviroMix™ - Our Home Harvest Zero Hero!EnviroMix™ - Our Home Harvest Zero Hero!Select
Feeder MixFeeder MixSelect
Ground Blend Ground Blend Select
High Energy Blend™ High Energy Blend™ Select
High Energy Fledgling Mix™High Energy Fledgling Mix™Select
Native Finch MixNative Finch MixSelect
Original Farm Gold™ Original Farm Gold™ Select
Premium Finch MixPremium Finch MixSelect
Raisin-Free Ground Blend Raisin-Free Ground Blend Select
Sparrow Seed Mix™ Sparrow Seed Mix™ Select
 Seed and Suet Combo™ Seed and Suet Combo™Select
Table MixTable MixSelect
The Original Farm Mix™ The Original Farm Mix™ Select
Tidy Garden Mix™Tidy Garden Mix™Select
Tidy Garden™ Suet BoostTidy Garden™ Suet BoostSelect
Classic Peanuts Classic Peanuts Select
Hemp Seed For BirdsHemp Seed For BirdsSelect
Kibbled MaizeKibbled MaizeSelect
Linseed Linseed Select
Naked Oats Naked Oats Select
Niger SeedNiger SeedSelect
Oil Seed RapeOil Seed RapeSelect
Peanut GranulesPeanut GranulesSelect
Peanuts in Shells ( Monkey Nuts)Peanuts in Shells ( Monkey Nuts)Select
Pinhead Oatmeal Pinhead Oatmeal Select
Plain Canary Seed Plain Canary Seed Select
Premium PeanutsPremium PeanutsSelect
Premium Sunflower Hearts Premium Sunflower Hearts Select
Red MilletRed MilletSelect
Rolled Naked OatsRolled Naked OatsSelect
Striped Sunflower Seeds Striped Sunflower Seeds Select
White MilletWhite MilletSelect
Berry Suet PelletsBerry Suet PelletsSelect
Insect Suet Pellets Insect Suet Pellets Select
Mealworm Suet Pellets Mealworm Suet Pellets Select
Coarse Oystershell GritCoarse Oystershell GritSelect
 Layers Pellets for healthy hens and delicious eggs Layers Pellets for healthy hens and delicious eggsSelect
Premium Poultry CornPremium Poultry CornSelect
Really Wild Duck and Swan FoodReally Wild Duck and Swan FoodSelect
Traditional Poultry CornTraditional Poultry CornSelect
Really Wild Squirrel FoodReally Wild Squirrel FoodSelect
Your Selection:  items
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