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Live Mealworms & Dried Mealworms for Birds

Our British-bred mealworms will provide your garden birds with the vital nutrients they need to flourish.

Here at Really Wild Bird Food, we supply live mealworms (and wax worms) in a range of tub and feeding sizes, giving your wild birds a nutritious food source. We also offer freeze-dried mealworms in case you'd prefer not to deal with live, wriggling worms! The dried mealworms make a great addition to our seed mixes.

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Mealworms for birds: what sort of feeder should I use?

Mealworms - especially live mealworms - should be placed in unobstructed dishes that give birds a clear view of their food.

Luckily, we offer a selection of specially-designed mealworm feeders along with an array of feeding stations so you can easily provide mealworms for wild birds in your garden.


Which birds eat mealworms?

Robins love to eat mealworms. They are also a great food choice for blackbirds, thrushes and pied wagtails.


Why feed mealworms to garden birds?

Both mealworms and wax worms are extremely beneficial for British bird populations, providing a source of water and protein that is essential for both adult and fledgling birds.

Wild birds who nest in gardens often lay fewer eggs and fledge fewer young than those living in natural woodland sites – this is likely due to the lack of mature trees, which means that garden birds can't find the insects they need to feed their young. However, you can help by providing some juicy mealworms of your own for the birds to feast on!


Live mealworms or dried mealworms - which is better?

Live mealworms are better for baby birds because there's more moisture in a live mealworm and chicks need as much water as they can get.

At other times of year, it doesn't make much difference whether you use live mealworms or dried mealworms. One benefit of our freeze-dried mealworms is that they can be added to our seed mixes for extra nutrition.

Do you have any questions about storing and caring for your live mealworms? Check out our feeding tips or feel free to contact us.
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