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Do you want to learn more about goldfinches? How to attract them to your garden and what to do once you have them? Well, dive into our goldfinch bird profile to learn everything you need to know about these beautiful little birds!


The goldfinch, also known as Carduelis carduelis, is one of the most attractive birds you're likely to find in Britain thanks to its bright colours and unique patterns. More...

Wildflowers are a great addition to any garden for a wide number of reasons. Their beautiful vibrance brings a radiant splash of colour to any outdoor space, and their varying shapes and sizes are totally unique and promise something new every year with every new bloom.

Not only are wildflowers beautiful, but they also do a great amount to support your local ecosystem. Bees and butterflies love them, and bees are great pollinators so their presence will help your garden flourish and support local biodiversity. Although planting a few wildflower seeds in your garden might not seem like much, but every little helps.


Birds eating suet cakes from a garden feeder

Suet cakes are a wonderful high-fat snack for our little feathered friends, and are a great source of essential nutrients. Their high-fat content makes them a perfect treat for the winter months, but they can be enjoyed all year round.


what birds eat peanuts

Peanuts have been a popular offering for garden birds for centuries! Did you know they're are actually legumes and not technically 'nuts'?

Nonetheless, peanuts are rich in fats, oils and protein making them especially good for improving the health of birds. They are grown all over the world and come in many different shapes and sizes, but which birds actually eat them? More...



The UK has three native species of woodpecker; the great spotted woodpecker, the lesser spotted woodpecker and the green woodpecker. As well known as they are, "seen but not heard" definitely isn't an expression that would ever be used to describe woodpeckers!

Taking a walk through the woods you may often hear the tell-tale thrumming and knocking of a woodpecker nearby, but you'd be lucky if you happened to catch a glimpse of their distinctive red head and stripy wings. More...

Best feeder for small birds

There's no shortage of bird feeders on the market: seed feeders, peanut feeders, peanut butter feeders, window feeders, hanging feeders, ground feeders...the list goes on and on.


what is the best bird tabe for my garden

Here at Really Wild Bird Food, we offer a number of bird tables that'll allow you to feed all of your feathered friends. Choosing the right one for your garden can be tricky, but we have a few simple questions you can ask yourself to help you find the perfect bird table for your garden. More...

feeding birds in winter

When the temperature starts to fall, lots of natural sources of bird food suddenly become unavailable. The berries, seeds and fruits that they might normally find in the hedgerows have all been eaten and the plants themselves have started to die back.

In addition, the ground becomes much harder than usual making it difficult for birds to dig for worms and grubs. It's this time of year when the bird feeders in your garden are more important than ever. More...

Bird splashing water in a bird bath

The UK is currently in the middle of a heatwave. In the past week, each of the home nations have seen their hottest day of the year so far, and the Met Office issued its first ever Amber Extreme Heat Warning.

This may seem like cause for celebration, but remember, hot weather can be dangerous - so if you are planning to take advantage of the sunshine, be sure to grab a sun hat and slap on some sun cream before you head to the beach.


homemade bird food

Making your own DIY bird food can be a fun and rewarding activity, you can even get the kids involved! It's a great way to give your garden birds a little extra treat, and most recipes include ingredients that you already have laying around the house.

So, if you're ready to make your own bird food, let's dive right in. More...