During the winter months especially in the UK we get quite a bit of rain and damp weather! Which can make feeding the birds tricky at times! In this blog we will have a look at some products that will help keep the seed and the birds happy and dry this winter time!  More...

Bird profile - Jay
The Jay is the most colourful member of the crow family and it can be seen all over the UK.

DX logo and van

News Update! We have recently made the decision to move to a new courier.

As most of our customers are aware, we found ourselves having to box our sacks of birdseed to send them out with DPD. Since our sacks are heavy-duty and water-proof, having to put them into cardboard boxes seemed hugely wasteful and not a good option for the environment; more trees felled to create boxes that ultimately ended up in a bin 24 hours later. However we have now signed a contract with a courier company called DX - Delivered Exactly and they are happy to take our sacks with no need for wasteful, expensive cardboard boxes.



Scientific name: Coccothraustes coccothraustes


How to build a wildlife friendly garden


White millet crop

Autumn is the season for planting, and there are some big changes afoot for us this year!



Bird Profile - The Kestrel! 

what to feed fledgling birds - parent bird feeding baby birds

In this blog, we will answer your most asked questions about baby birds.


pied wagtail bird

Bird of the week - Pied Wagtail 
The pied wagtail is a delightful small, long-tailed and black and white bird. The wagtail gets its name by "wagging" their tails!


colourful field of wildflowers - planting wildflowers in your garden

Wildflowers offer an attractive alternative to traditional lawns and gardens. Planting our wildflower seeds in your garden will enhance its beauty and more importantly, they're the perfect plants for bees and butterflies.