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Harvest News from Street End Farm
Well that is another harvest nearly done and dusted. This year was incredibly challenging as we had to deal with real weather extremes; long periods of dry early on and then even longer periods of rain.The crops were difficult to grow, difficult to look after and difficult to harvest. The past couple of years we have been so fortunate to bring in grain that needed no drying, but our luck ran out this year and most of our grain came in pretty wet. I took this picture of our wheat as it was being loaded out, and you can see, the damp grain is standing like a wall!
Our millet is currently not ripening because of lack of sunshine and very little warmth in the air, but hopefully it will be ready in early October.
Grabbing grain before the rain
Ominous rain clouds closing in
On the subject of water...... we have a super Introductory Offer on these lovely Porthole Window Feeders this month. This attractive feeder will give you a lovely focused view of your garden birds as they come close!
Robbie investigates the feeder
 It is an attractive green/grey colour, made from recyclable materials which are weather resistant and easy to clean.
With a large-capacity hopper this feeder is perfect for feeding a variety of seeds, suet and other bird food.
  Only £11.95 -while stocks last
A separate container is also included to help prevent live mealworms from escaping.
 Measures 20 x 19 x 10cm
 Comes in a nice box so would make a lovely gift :)
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Many thanks for your business and enjoy your birds!
Best wishes
p.s. There may not be many birds in your garden at the moment - there are huge amounts of fruit and berries on the trees - but do not panic - they will be back!
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