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news from the farm

As the year draws to a close...

The farm is nearly wrapped up for the winter, however, we are still very busy with our bird food sales and we hope that this blog finds you safe and well.

Whilst the amazing weather of the first lockdown period meant that we could all be outside enjoying nature, our gardens and the great outdoors, this second lockdown has a different feeling. The short days and the wet weather are making everything seem more challenging. More...


As you can tell, we have a bit of an obsession with robins here at Really Wild Bird Food. Our robin mascot can be seen throughout our website and across our social media, bringing a touch of cheer to every page!

Year after year, robins have been voted the UK's favourite bird, but surely that comes as no surprise. Who doesn't love robins? When you see or hear a robin redbreast (particularly during winter) it fills you with a sense of pure joy. More...

connecting with nature in your home office

Remote working is quickly becoming a normal way of living for a lot of us! Understandably, people are doing whatever they can to make the home office a stress-free environment so that they can concentrate on being productive! 

Unfortunately, working from home can make people feel very isolated. Where they would normally interact with colleagues and clients in an office setting, they're now confined to their own four walls for the majority of the week. It's a big lifestyle adjustment that some people have taken to easier than others.  More...

eco-friendly home

If you've watched the news recently, you'll know that saving the planet and being more sustainable is at the forefront of people's minds. In the last week, Prince William and David Attenborough have launched their Earthshot Prize, a fund that's designed to reward inventors and activists who come up with revolutionary ways to tackle climate change.

The next ten years have been identified as being pivotal in terms of saving our beautiful planet, so now is the perfect time to work on making your home more eco-friendly. More...

Combine Harvester Fire - Meon Valley Times

We had a very lucky escape on the evening of August 8th - when our combine harvester caught fire.


If you've ever been out and about as the sun goes down, we're sure you've seen the bats coming out of their hiding place to hunt. They're found all over the place; in barns, homes and caves, but very few people can get close enough to see the different species.

Well, here in the UK, we don't only have 1 or 2 species of bat living among us, we have 16! Let's take a closer look at some of our favourite flying friends: More...

summer birds

Getting outside to watch the birds is one of the great pleasures of British summer. When the weather is warm, the sun is beaming and nature is blossoming, there's nothing better than sitting in your garden with a cuppa and watching the world go by. 

As you may already know, many of our British bird species migrate to warmer pastures for the winter but return to us in summer. This spectacular influx of birds is something that we at Really Wild Bird Food look forward to every year! More...

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Click and Collect gazebo

We're pleased to announce that our Click & Collect service is up and running once again. This means that, instead of paying for delivery, you can now come and collect your Really Wild Bird Food products in person - we'll even help you to load them into your vehicle!

You can pick up your order between 8.30am and 4.00pm, Monday to Friday. As an added incentive, we'll take 10% off the cost of your purchase if you choose the Collect from our farm option when you check out.


A swallow in flight

We've noticed a significant decline in the number of swallows with us this summer, and it seems we're not alone. Paul Stancliffe from the British Trust for Ornithology has said that the swallows are here, "but seem to be in much lower numbers than we would expect".

A summer without swallows feels somehow incomplete - so why are there so few swallows in the UK this year? As it turns out, there are a number of possible explanations.


Harvest time is nearly upon us! For me, it is the most exciting and enjoyable time of the farming year; the culmination of a year's work for Richard. It can also be an anxious time; will it all go well? Will the weather stay dry and warm? Despite thorough servicing and a lot of pre-harvest preparation, a combine seems to be an unknown entity until it starts working! We had some mechanical trouble last year (and the year before!) so we are really hoping this year will run smoothly, and if we have some long, dry summer days with evenings like these (photos were taken last year), that will be much appreciated too.

Summer evenings

Cleaning jobs have been completed; the grain store, combine and grain trailers are all ready for action, and we have had a chance to do some painting and general maintenance around the farm.