Our very popular High Energy Fledgling Mix™ is back for this season!

Bird food for fledglings - loved by sparrows

Spring is upon us - not that you'd know it from the cold, wet and miserable weather! This is the time of year when garden bird numbers soar as fledglings appear en masse.

This is also the most critical time of year to offer quality, easy-to-digest bird food (especially if the weather is inclement and the insect population is low, which is certainly the case right now).


colourful field of wildflowers - planting wildflowers in your garden

Wildflowers offer an attractive alternative to traditional lawns and gardens. Planting our wildflower seeds in your garden will enhance its beauty and more importantly, they're the perfect plants for bees and butterflies.


hemp seeds for birds

Can Birds Eat Hemp Seeds?

Hemp seeds have grown in popularity in recent years. Although the seeds come from cannabis plants, they contain virtually no THC (the psychoactive component of cannabis) and are safe for both animals and humans to eat. In fact, many health enthusiasts use hemp seeds in smoothies, salads and other dishes. Hemp seeds are also a popular ingredient in bird seed mixes. Hemp seeds are also enjoyed by caged birds. More...

National Nest Box Week

National Nest Box Week was established and developed by the BTO (British Trust for Ornithology) to provide a focus on nesting birds and to support their conservation and local biodiversity. It encourages the placement of nest boxes in your local area, at a time when small birds traditionally pair up ahead of the breeding season.

Natural nest sites such as holes in trees or old buildings are disappearing fast, so our native birds need all the help they can get to find a safe spot to breed. Birds may even use the nest box year-round, roosting cosily in it during the winter months.


christmas presents

It's the first day of December and safe to say, we're really getting excited for Christmas now! We know that many of you have put your trees up early this year and you're dying to get the Christmas celebrations underway, but there's one important job that needs to be done first... present buying!

Choosing a gift for someone that you know they'll love and cherish is one of the best parts about Christmas. We're not talking about buying something expensive or flashy, the best gifts are the ones that the recipient will enjoy for months after Christmas is over, no matter how big or small. More...

eco-friendly home

If you've watched the news recently, you'll know that saving the planet and being more sustainable is at the forefront of people's minds. In the last week, Prince William and David Attenborough have launched their Earthshot Prize, a fund that's designed to reward inventors and activists who come up with revolutionary ways to tackle climate change.

The next ten years have been identified as being pivotal in terms of saving our beautiful planet, so now is the perfect time to work on making your home more eco-friendly. More...

big seed gold offer

We're very excited to introduce you to our brand new seed mix - Big Seed Gold! If you were a fan of our popular Big Seed Mix, then we're sure you'll love this 'less mess' version too.

It's a wholesome, nutritious seed mix that's full of nutty goodness. We've stripped back all the small and messy seeds like millet, rape and linseed to create a mix that produces less waste and mess in your garden. More...

peanut plant

Peanuts still remain one of the most popular food choices for many garden birds, particularly in times when highly calorific food is needed. Peanuts offer a really good balance of oil and protein, both of which are necessary for energy and good health.

Just how calorific peanuts are, can be evidenced by the fact that they very rarely appear in any human dieting regimens and if they do – you are only allowed a small handful at a time! More...

older people

As the years wear on, buying Christmas presents for elderly relatives can be a tough task. After all, how many pairs of slippers and festive jigsaws can one person have?

Luckily, with Really Wild Bird Food, you don’t have to resign yourself to rehashed ideas from years gone by.

When Werther’s Originals won’t cut it and there’s no room left in the whisky cabinet for a new addition, a bird-friendly gift from RWBF can be just the ticket. More...

hedgehog hibernation

One of our most recognisable wild animals - the humble hedgehog - is currently on a mission to fatten up before hibernating over the Winter. From roughly November to March, they will snuggle up in a pile of leaves, logs or garden debris to conserve their energy before breeding in the spring.

This loveable creature's true habitat is woodland but they also love to explore our gardens, which provide shelter, food and potential mates. Hedgehogs are often called 'the gardener's best friend' as they like to feast on pesky slugs. More...