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big seed gold offer

We're very excited to introduce you to our brand new seed mix - Big Seed Gold! If you were a fan of our popular Big Seed Mix, then we're sure you'll love this 'less mess' version too.

It's a wholesome, nutritious seed mix that's full of nutty goodness. We've stripped back all the small and messy seeds like millet, rape and linseed to create a mix that produces less waste and mess in your garden. 

The Big Seed Gold mix features bakery grade sunflower hearts that offer all the nutritional goodness of our shiny black sunflower seeds but without the husks. 

We've also included some small striped sunflower seeds, some homegrown naked oats, buckwheat, wheat, safflower and our ever-popular peanut granules!

We double clean all of our seeds on the farm before we make our seed mixes and we bag them up freshly throughout the week. We like to offer your garden birds the best food in town.

You can use this delicious new bird food in our seed feeders, scatter it on your bird table or on the ground for your ground-feeding birds to enjoy!

We recommend storing your Big Seed Gold mix somewhere cool and dry so that it keeps for longer. Once opened, use within 5 months. We would hate for you to give your garden birds a product that's no longer fresh and nutritious!

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Special Introductory Offer! 10% Off:

As a special introductory offer, we are giving you 10% off this delightful new seed mix! Please let us know what you (and your feathered friends) think of this tasty new offering.


If you are currently social distancing, but would still like to come to the farm to collect your products, you are more than welcome to pay through the click and collect to avoid handling money. When you arrive at the farm, we will pop your order into the back of their car,  keeping our distance at all times.

If you have any questions about our new Big Seed Gold mix, or if you have any other requests at this challenging time, don't hesitate to give us a call.