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Big Seed Gold™ - The new kid on the block!
Big Seed Gold™ - The new kid on the block!
Big Seed Gold™ - The new kid on the block!
  • Big Seed Gold™ - The new kid on the block!
  • Big Seed Gold™ - The new kid on the block!
  • Big Seed Gold™ - The new kid on the block!
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Big Seed Gold™ - The new kid on the block!

High Energy, Less Mess and Only Big Seeds !
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Product Details

There's a New Kid On The Block !  We are pleased to introduce ...Big Seed Gold™

Our Fabulous NEW  'less mess' version of our very popular Big Seed Mix™

A new introduction to our range and a seed mix we know will be really popular with our customers and their garden birds. This wholesome and delicious seed mix, which looks wholesomely 'nutty' contains only large seeds, so none of the small seeds such as canary seed, millet, rape or linseed. We have replaced our shiny black sunflowers with bakery grade sunflower hearts to offer you a 'less mess' Big Seed Mix; there won't be any messy black sunflower husks falling to the ground, and the premium sunflower hearts will be immediately highly digestible and delicious to boot!

Big Seed Gold™ won't disappoint. It is high energy, free flowing, and comprises a carefully balanced blend of premium sunflower hearts, some small striped sunflowers with  home grown naked oats, wheat, buckwheat with safflower and peanut granules.

And please don't forget... our seeds are double cleaned here on the farm, freshly prepared and mixed, and bagged up fresh... so no wonder garden birds love them!

Suitable for use in seed feeders, scattered on a table or on the ground.

Your Big Seed Gold™ should be stored somewhere cool and dry. We recommend that it should be used within 5 months of purchase - just to make sure it stays fresh and nutritious for your garden birds.

 Please DO let us know what you think of our newest seed mix :)

New Big Seed Gold™ can also be bought as part of a Pick 'N Mix selection ( 4kg bag)  or a Mini Pick 'N Mix selection ( 2kg bag) - so a small bag as a taster.


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