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Bird Food Gifts

Feeding the birds is what we do best here at Really Wild Bird Food, and we've put together a fantastic selection of bird food gifts that make great presents for birthdays, Christmas and other special occasions.

We've got a wide range of bird food gift ideas to choose from, including everything from suet balls to storage tins to mess-free bird seed mixes. All of our bird feeds are highly nutritious and full of flavour, making them ideal gifts for any time of year.

Plus, when you buy a bird seed mix, you'll get FREE DELIVERY!

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24 Product(s)
The Original Farm Mix™
The Original Farm Mix™ Our best selling home grown seed mix - direct from our farm to your feeders!
Table Mix Table Mix A nutritious bird seed mix with a selection of delicious flakes
Original Farm Gold™
Original Farm Gold™ Home Grown and Delicious
Feeder Mix™
Feeder Mix™ Free flowing and packed with delicious, high energy black sunflower seeds
Raisin-Free Ground Blend
Raisin-Free Ground Blend Delicious muesli for birds and safe to feed if pets are around
Bird Cake Mix
Bird Cake Mix A delicious, high energy combination to blend with your own suet
Big Seed Gold™ Big Seed Gold™ High Energy, Less Mess and Only Big Seeds !
Tidy Garden Mix™
Tidy Garden Mix™ Our #1 best seller - no mess, no waste!
Tidy Garden™ Suet Boost
Tidy Garden™ Suet Boost Our no-mess mix - boosted with delicious suet pellets

Bird Food Gift Ideas

If you've got a bird lover in your life, you'll know how quickly they can run out of bird food. Keep them stocked up with our bird seed gifts!

In case you're short on inspration, here are some gift ideas for your favourite bird lover:

Most of the seeds we sell are grown right here on Street End Farm, so you can always be sure of receiving high-quality, home-grown, fully organic bird food. Although some of our bird food ingredients may need to be sourced elsewhere, we do our best to minimise travel mileage wherever possible.

We also offer a range of feeding accessories, from scoops to containers, and even gift vouchers if you can't find exactly what you're looking for.

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