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No-Mess Bird Seed

Birds can be messy eaters, but with the help of our no-mess bird food range, you can feed your feathered friends while also keeping your garden nice and tidy. We recommend switching to bird seeds that don't sprout and don't leave behind husks that fall to the ground.

Our no-waste bird seed mixes are very popular with all sorts of UK bird species, and if you're tired of cleaning up after the wild birds who visit your garden, we predict these feeds will be popular with you as well. We especially recommend our best-selling Tidy Garden Mix™ (available with added suet pellets if your birds need an energy boost).

Choose from the products listed below, or contact the Really Wild Bird Food team if you have any questions about our no-grow bird seed mixes!

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Featured Products

Classic Peanuts
Classic Peanuts Nutritious and Wholesome Peanuts With a Great Taste
Big Seed Gold™ Big Seed Gold™ High Energy, Less Mess and Only Big Seeds !
Peanut Granules Peanut Granules Peanut granules are easy to digest and extremely versatile!

No Mess Bird Seed FAQs

What does bird seed grow into?

This depends largely on what type of bird feed you’re putting out. Bird feeds such as sunflower, flax, and rapeseed are all examples of birdfeed that can potentially grow into weeds (weeds by definition being unwanted plant growth). If you’re looking to avoid unplanned plant growth on your lawn, no mess bird seed is the perfect option for you, as it is specially manufactured to include ingredients that won’t grow on your lawn when spilled by birds. 

What bird seed does not sprout?

A large majority of popular bird seed is made of germinating seeds that will grow if left on the ground. There are specialist bird feeds available such as the TIDY GARDEN™ SUET BOOST that are specially crafted to not sprout if spilled onto the ground.

How can I stop bird seed from falling to the ground?

Bird seed can be very difficult to clean off of grass, so it’s best to try and prevent the seed falling in the first place. Some tips on how you can prevent seed falling on grass is to keep your bird feeders on patios or stone pathways, where it will be easy to sweep up any spillage. It’s also advised to add seed trays or platforms underneath your bird feeders to catch any excess that may fall.

If you have any further questions about no mess bird seed, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.
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