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Bird Food Storage

We have a selection of high-quality bird food storage tins that are specifically designed for storing bird seed. These attractive, easy-to-clean storage tins make fantastic gifts for bird lovers - not only do they keep bird food fresh; they also look lovely on the shelf!

As well as being fashionable, our bird food storage solutions also serve a very practical purpose; keeping bird feed fresh and dry. This isn’t just to keep the birds happy, but to keep them healthy. Damp feed, especially if kept in a warm area, can quickly become a haven for bacteria to thrive and grow. Ingesting mould can make birds really sick, so it’s very important to make sure that your feed is stored correctly and kept fresh and dry.

If you have any questions about how to best safely store bird feed, reach out and contact us; our specialist team will do their best to answer all your questions.

To keep the birds visiting your garden safe and healthy, order your bird food storage tin today. Choose from the following products:

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How to Store Bird Food

If you've filled up your bird feeders and you've still got some seeds left over, you may be wondering where to keep the surplus; our bird feed storage tins are the perfect solution. Keeping seed and feed in a storage container is the best way to keep it fresh and mould-free.

To keep bird feed fresh and dry, store it somewhere cool and dry. Ensure the storage container is clean and dry before you put the bird feed into it; if it’s dirty, give it a clean and dry it thoroughly. Bird seed can be stored outside as long as it's protected from moisture and the weather isn't too warm.


Our bird food storage tins are ideal for storing seeds, fat balls and other treats. Of course, you will also need something to fill them with - so be sure to visit our Bird Food department before you head to the checkout!
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