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Easy Clean Bird Feeders

If you're looking for a versatile, low-maintenance feeding method, our easy-clean bird feeders provide the ideal solution for gardens of all sizes!

Cleaning bird feeders is a tedious job, so as part of our huge selection of specially-crafted bird feeders, we supply a range of easy-clean bird feeding products that are designed to facilitate hassle-free cleaning and bird feed top-ups. These range from mixed seed to food-specific feeders, which are specifically designed for use with popular bird foods like peanuts and niger seed.

Fitted with a ring pull bottom and easily detachable parts, these easy-cleaning bird feeders make the process of emptying and thoroughly cleaning your bird feeder a simple task. So there's no reason to neglect your feeder hygiene!

Choose one of our easy-clean bird feeders from the range below, or contact us for more information on cleaning your bird feeders.

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Flo™ Plastic Niger Feeders Flo™ Plastic Niger Feeders Now comes in yellow and green
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Flo™ Lifetime Seed Feeders Flo™ Lifetime Seed Feeders Move up to metal with these wide-tube

How To Clean Bird Feeders

Here at Really Wild Bird Food, we do everything we can to encourage responsible feeding. Practising good feeder hygiene helps to prevent the spread of nasty diseases between garden birds. One of the most common diseases found on bird feeders is salmonellosis, which occurs when a food source is contaminated with faecal matter.

Regularly cleaning your bird feeders is one the simplest yet most effective ways to help significantly reduce the risk of birds getting ill at your feeders. Easy clean bird feeders like those sold by Really Wild Bird Food make keeping your bird feeding stations clean a breeze, as does our collection of bird feeder cleaning products.

Tips on how to clean bird feeders

Clean your bird feeders at least once a week to remove bird droppings and old food – a scraper tool is recommended to this job. Additionally, you should disinfect your table every two weeks.

When cleaning your bird feeder, don’t ever wash them with your own dishes or use the same cleaning utensils. Always ensure that the feeder is properly dried before you refill it with feed again, and never out old bird feed back on the feeder - replace it with fresh bird feed every time.

If you have any questions about our collection of easy clean bird feeders or bird feeder hygiene in general, reach out and contact Really Wild Bird Food today and a member of our team will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.
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