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flo™ Festival Seed Feeder
flo™ Festival Seed Feeder
flo™ Festival Seed Feeder
flo™ Festival Seed Feeder
  • flo™ Festival Seed Feeder
  • flo™ Festival Seed Feeder
  • flo™ Festival Seed Feeder
  • flo™ Festival Seed Feeder

flo™ Festival Seed Feeder

Impressive and Stylish Large Diameter Feeders with Lifetime Guarantee
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Product Details

The flo™ Festival seed feeder is an impressive super-sized feeder that will demand your garden birds' attention! Ideal for larger gardens, parkland and nature reserves, or where your hungry birds empty regualr feeders just a bit too frequently!

Available in 4 different sizes,all with a huge 10.5cm diameter feeding tube, ranging from the Small feeder which has 3 feeding ports and  holds about 2 litres of food to the Super Size feeder which is a whopping 12 port feeder and will hold around 5.2 litres of seed.

The extra-wide tube and individually mounted seed ports guarantee that food keeps flowing effortlessly with no annoying clogging.

The feeding  ports are cleverly positioned in the lower half of the feeder. This creates an effective ‘seed reserve’ in the upper half of the tube, ensuring there’s always  a seed 'reservoir' accessible to birds from the lower ports while cutting the need for regular refill trips.

The flo™ Festival feeders are also Easy Clean feeders, to keep garden birds healthy. Seed ports and base simply click off with no tools needed. This enables regular cleaning and makes it refreshingly quick and easy.

The flo™ Festival  range of feeders are guaranteed for life – assuring years of reliable, fuss-free feeding for you and your birds. So although they are expensive to purchase, you can be rest assured that unwanted damage will be repaired or parts replaced for the lifetime of the feeder.

Key Features

  • Lovely fresh green colour
  • Extra wide tube and three feeding ports on each level to reduce risk of clogging
  • High quality metal fittings
  • Easy to take apart, click to clean technology
  • Lifetime guarantee

These feeders are considerably larger than standard seed feeders and weigh a lot more when full of food. We recommend hanging them on a strong branch, hook or stout pole

We offer a full range of feeding stations, brackets and hanging hooks which can be used .


  • 3 Ports - Tube Length 330 mm, Capacity 2.0 litres
  • 6 Ports - Tube Length 450 mm, Capacity 2.7 litres
  • 9 Ports - Tube Length 570 mm, Capacity 3.4 litres
  • 12 Ports - Tube Length 860 mm, Capacity 5.2 litres
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