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Fat Ball Bird Feeders

Our range of fat ball bird feeders are designed to create a haven for wild birds in your garden. These suet ball feeders are the perfect addition for your outdoor space, providing nourishment and entertainment for our feathered friends. 

Our fat ball feeders are designed to ensure durability and ease of use. Whether you’re a seasoned birder or a casual bird watcher, these fat ball feeders are ideal for attracting a variety of wild birds. Just hang them in your garden or on your balcony, fill them with delicious suet balls, and watch as the wild birds flock to your garden! 

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Where can I get feed for my fat ball bird feeders?

If you’re looking for suet balls to fill your fat ball feeders, Really Wild Bird Food have got you covered! We provide a wide array of suet feed and balls, including our delicious super suet fat balls with insect that are always a hit with the birds!

If you have any questions about our fat ball bird feeders, our bird feeds, or would like some expert advice on selecting the right bird feed for your garden, reach out and contact us today. A member of our team will be more than happy to help you select the right feed for your fat ball feeders.

Fat Ball Feeder FAQs

  • What birds do fat balls attract?
  • Fat balls are a delicious snack enjoyed by a wide range of different birds. If you put a fat ball bird feeder in your garden, you can expect to be visited by; 

    • Great tits
    • Blue tits
    • Great spotted woodpeckers
    • Starlings
    • Sparrows 
    • Nuthatches 
    • Blackbirds
  • What is the difference between suet and fat balls?
  • Suet and fat balls are pretty similar, and are more or less made up of the same ingredients. However, with fat balls it’s more common to see added ingredients. For example, our Super Suet Fat Balls have added dried mealworms to pack a protein-filled punch – as well as tasting super delicious!

  • Are fat balls good for birds?
  • Good quality fat balls are a delicious and nutritious snack for wild birds! Fat balls are an excellent source of healthy fats and calories, which is particularly important in the winter months. However, some cheap fat balls are padded out with fillers to make them cheaper to produce. These cheap fat balls are less nutritionally dense and can quickly fill up birds without providing them with the nutrients they need – needless to say, we’d recommend avoiding cheap, poor quality fat balls!

  • What do you put suet balls in?
  • Fat ball feeders are specially designed to accommodate suet balls. You can also put suet balls on bird feeding tables - this can make the fat balls more accessible to ground feeders who enjoy suet but struggle to perch on traditional suet bird feeders, like robins.

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