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Peanut Feeders for Birds

Peanuts are a great source of protein for wild birds. Our peanut feeders hold plenty of nuts - and delivery is FREE if your order includes some peanuts.

If you're planning to treat your feathered friends to some of our wild bird peanuts, then our peanut feeders are the perfect way to serve them. These peanut feeders are well-made and very aesthetically pleasing - a nut feeder will no doubt make a lovely addition to your garden, as will the winged wildlife it's designed to attract!

Our nut feeders are easy to fill and, perhaps even more importantly, easy to clean. Keeping your peanut feeder clean and hygienic prevents the spread of disease in local bird communities - please visit our wild bird care page for further information.

Ready to serve up some peanuts for your garden bird? Choose from the following nut feeders:

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Peanut Feeder Guardian Pack Peanut Feeder Guardian Pack Choice of 2 sizes

Choosing a Peanut Bird Feeder

We offer peanut feeders of all shapes and sizes, from baskets to cages - we're sure you'll find a peanut bird feeder that's right for you!

If you'd like any help selecting a peanut bird feeder, don't hesitate to get in touch with the Really Wild Bird Food team. We're more than happy to help!

Peanut Bird Feeder FAQs

  • What kind of feeder do you put peanuts in?
  • Depending on the time of year, peanuts can be offered in a range of different bird feeders, including ground feeders or bird tables.

    We’d advise avoiding putting out large peanuts on tables in this way during the summer months, since whole peanuts can be a choking hazard to young chicks and fledglings. Instead, a mesh peanut feeder (like those above) stocked with peanut granules might be a safer bet.

  • What UK birds will visit peanut feeders?
  • If you add a peanut bird feeder to your garden, you can expect to see it visited by;

    • Blackbirds
    • Robins
    • Thrushes
    • Dunnocks
    • Chaffinches
    • Greenfinches
    • Collared doves
    • Tits
    • Siskins
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