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Bird Drinkers & Garden Bird Baths

Our garden bird baths and bird drinkers are an ideal way to keep your feathered garden visitors hydrated. Bird baths also make a visually pleasing addition to your garden.

Hydration is important for all birds, although small, seed-eating birds are most in need of fresh drinking water, due to the fact that it is not naturally present in their diet. For this reason, it is highly important to supply your garden birds with a source of fresh drinking water, be it via a bird bath or hanging bird drinker.

Here at Really Wild Bird Food, we supply a variety of bird baths for garden birds, ranging from traditional garden bird baths to hanging bird drinker solutions. We also supply a range of Ark-Klens cleaning products, which can be used to keep your bird drinkers free from dirt and disease, preventing your garden birds from becoming ill.

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Why are bird baths important?

Arguably, providing clean water for your feathered friends is even more important than providing them a source of food! Birds are excellent scavengers, but can sometimes struggle to find a clean source of water. This is where garden bird baths come in! 

During summer periods of drought occur, and during winter, large bodies of water like lakes and ponds (where they would normally bathe and drink) can be frozen! Choosing a birdbath or bird drinker to add to your garden can provide an invaluable helping hand.

For more information on bird drinkers and bird bathing - click here.

If you have any more questions about our bird drinkers, bird baths or more general questions about providing water for your garden birds, get in touch with one of our experts on 01489 896785
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