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Echoes Bird Bath

Echoes Bird Bath

Visually attractive and functional
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A large and beautifully coloured and glazed bird bath with a ripple step design that is both visually attractive and functional by providing extra footing/grip for wild birds. The bird bath features a quote by the poet William Blake, imprinted around the contrasting rim.... 'To see a world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wild flower, hold infinity in the palm of your hand and eternity in an hour... '  The bird bath comes complete with 3 glazed mounting feet. 

PLEASE NOTE: There may be irregularities in the finish of these Echoes Bird Baths as clay is a natural material with variable mineral content.  The glaze is hand applied and is also variable, again because of the constituents.  The product is naturalistic and designed for garden use, it is not like fine porcelain for the dinner table.  They are designed for outdoor use to provide years of pleasure & help for birds and wildlife.

Dimensions of bowl: H 55mm x W 340mm

  • Beautifully coloured and glazed finish
  • Hi-fired frost resistant ceramic
  • Attractive and functional ripple step design
  • Words by poet William Blake on rim
  • Complete with 3 glazed feet
Street End Farm

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Big hit! Bought this to replace the tiny bird bath I had been using for years, as I could no longer keep up with refilling it multiple times a day (or every five minutes when the sparrows wanted an enthusiastic wash). Within 30 mins of putting out the Echoes bath the larger birds had already started happily splashing around in it, and now it is in constant use. It is large enough to last several hours as long as the weather's not too hot, and even the pigeons don't empty it. Also looks attractive and blends in well with the garden.
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