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Poultry Feed & Duck Food

Our farm manager Richard has been manufacturing high-quality poultry feeds since the early 1980s, so we know exactly how to produce clean, tasty and nutritious food for your farmyard friends!

In our poultry feed range, you’ll find everything from traditional chicken food to duck food and our premium mixes, all of which are intended to deliver the very best taste and quality. Our range includes the finest home-grown corn, along with a selection of natural poultry grits to aid healthy digestion and produce strong egg shells.

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Poultry & Duck Feed FAQs

What is the healthiest food for ducks?

While a very common choice, we’d strongly advise against feeding bread to ducks. It has little nutritional value, and there are much better options available when it comes to food for ducks. We’d recommend using specialist duck feeds such as the Really Wild Duck and Swan Food. This feed is specially designed to provide our feathered friends with the key nutrients they need.

What is the best thing to feed my chickens?

Chickens aren’t particularly fussy eaters, and on occasion can eat a wide variety of different raw fruits and vegetables; in fact, some fresh fruit like strawberries, bananas, and watermelons (in moderation) can make a nice treat for a chicken!

Some of the most popular feed for chickens include grain-based feeds, as these are the best way to ensure that their key nutritional needs are being met. It’s also important to make sure that they are consuming some form of grit in their diet.

When selecting food for poultry, it’s extremely important to ensure that you don’t feed them any of the following; chocolate/sweets, mouldy food, junk food, or citrus.

Why is grit important for poultry?

Hens in particular require high levels of grit in their diet to ensure that they develop strong eggs; without it the eggs they lay will be soft shelled, and can easily break. Grit is an excellent source of calcium and helps keep their bones strong.

Another important use for grit is that it actually helps poultry to digest their feed – without it, it can become lodged in their stomachs and cannot pass through their digestive system.

If you have any other questions, or if you'd prefer to order your poultry feed over the phone, please don't hesitate to contact the Really Wild Bird Food team.
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