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Poultry Feed & Duck Food

Richard has been manufacturing our high-quality poultry feed since the early 1980s, so we have the knowledge and experience necessary to create clean, tasty and nutritious products for your farmyard friends!

In our poultry feed range, you’ll find everything from traditional chicken food to duck food and our premium mixes, all of which are intended to deliver the very best taste and quality. Our range includes the finest home-grown corn, along with a selection of natural poultry grit products to aid healthy digestion and produce strong egg shells.

In addition to our poultry grit and feed, we also cater to the growing demand for nutritious waterfowl feeding, which is why we added swan and duck food to our product range. To provide the best possible quality to our customers, we stock duck food from Wildthings – this can be fed from the ground or scattered on the water. Our special duck / swan food provides a healthy and responsible alternative to your typical duck food options, allowing you to interact with your local populations without risking their health.

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