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Bird Feeder Hygiene Products

Wild bird hygiene should play a prominent role in your feeding efforts - cleaning your bird feeders and baths properly will ensure that your local bird population remains healthy and disease-free!

In order to maintain hygienic feeding stations, we provide a selection of bird hygiene products which can be used to keep bird feeders, bird baths and other frequented surfaces as clean as possible. This is an essential step for areas where unusually large numbers of birds congregate to feed, as this puts them at risk of contracting and spreading diseases amongst themselves.

For thorough cleansing, we recommend VetArk professional bird hygiene products, which can be used for everyday cleaning as well as more heavy-duty operations. These are also available to order in a variety of sizes, depending on the scale and demands of your garden feeding routine.

You can find advice on all aspects of bird hygiene, including how to clean your bird feeders over on our wild bird care page - or simply send your questions to Lesley, our resident vet!

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Cleaning Bird Feeders

Wild bird feeding can be one of life’s simplest pleasures, but it’s important to stay on top of your bird feeder hygiene, for the sakes of both yourself and your feathered visitors. Preventing bird diseases around your bird feeder is essential, and here at Really Wild Bird Food we supply the bird feeder hygiene products you need to best maintain bird feeder hygiene and health.

If you’d like to read more on how to clean your bird feeder, check out our blog “How to Clean & Disinfect Your Bird Feeders”.

If you have any further questions, reach out and contact Really Wild Bird Food today! One of our team members will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Bird Feeder Hygiene FAQs

  • How often should you clean bird feeders?
  • The answer to this question can vary depending on a number of different factors, including the time of year, the weather, and what type of bird feed you’ve been putting out. Generally, we’d recommend giving your feeders a clean at least once a week. You should also give your feeders a more thorough clean with disinfectant every fortnight or so.

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