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Sunflower Seeds for Birds

In order to produce our high-quality sunflower seeds and sunflower hearts, we grow our very own sunflowers right here on the farm. Every part of the production process is overseen by the Really Wild Bird Food team, from sowing through to harvesting, cleaning and packaging.

Sunflower seeds are great for birds because they're an oil-rich source of protein, vitamins and minerals. Sunflower hearts are sunflower seeds with the black husks removed, meaning they don't leave as much mess under your feeding station!

We offer a fantastic selection of sunflower seeds and sunflower hearts for birds, as well as tasty seed mixes that combine our sunflower seeds with other products to give your feathered friends a more balanced meal. All of our sunflower seeds are grown right here in the UK, and we offer FREE DELIVERY on all seeds and feeds!

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Featured Products

Deluxe Robin Crumble™
Deluxe Robin Crumble™ A Gourmet Treat for Your Garden Birds - Packed with Energy and Taste!
Table Mix Table Mix A nutritious bird seed mix with a selection of delicious flakes
Raisin-Free Ground Blend
Raisin-Free Ground Blend Delicious muesli for birds and safe to feed if pets are around
Native Finch Mix Native Finch Mix It's not just the finches that will love this seed mix
Feeder Mix
Feeder Mix A free flowing premium mix, packed with delicious, high energy black sunflower seeds
Original Farm Gold™
Original Farm Gold™ Home Grown and Delicious. A Premium Product for Everyday Use
High Energy Blend™ High Energy Blend™ Free Flowing, Husk Free and High Energy Premium Seed Blend
Ground Blend Ground Blend A fruit and nut muesli packed full of succulent raisins and lovely rolled naked oats.
Big Seed Gold™ Big Seed Gold™ High Energy, Less Mess and Only Big Seeds !
 Seed and Suet Combo™ Seed and Suet Combo™ Gourmet seeds and delicious suet pellets means everything is eaten!
Tidy Garden Mix™
Tidy Garden Mix™ Our No 1 Best Seller - No Mess, No Waste
High Energy Fledgling Mix™
High Energy Fledgling Mix™ High Energy food for Fledglings

Home-Grown Sunflower Seeds & Sunflower Hearts

We grow our own sunflowers right here at Street End Farm, which means that we can offer you fully traceable, home-grown black sunflower seeds of the highest cleanliness and quality.

We sow our sunflower seeds in May, and harvest the heads in October. Once harvested, the seeds are triple-cleaned on the farm.

Click here to learn more about how we produce sunflower seeds for your garden birds.

Are sunflower seeds good for garden birds?

Yes - black sunflower seeds remain a firm favourite among garden birds, who crack open the relatively thin seed coat to access the oil-rich kernel.

Sunflower hearts (the sunflower seeds minus the black outer husks) are also very popular - they offer an easily-available source of energy, and they don't leave behind any messy husks under your feeding station!

We stock several bird feeders that are specifically designed for sunflower seeds and sunflower hearts - visit our Bird Seed Feeders page to see what we have to offer.

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