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Table Mix
Table Mix
Table Mix
  • Table Mix
  • Table Mix
  • Table Mix
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Table Mix SAVE 10%

A really appetising bird seed mix with delicious flakes ideal for table and ground feeding.
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This wonderful table seed mix is loved by ground and table-feeding seed eaters, such as dunnocks, siskins, robins, chaffinches, sparrows, thrushes, blackbirds, wrens and our pheasant and partridge which visit every day. Most birds seem to love the rolled naked oats present in this mix. 

This seed blend is an appetising feast for all year round feeding and is suitable for ground and table use. When fledglings start to ground feed and bird numbers in gardens rise dramatically this is a great mix to keep them all satisfied! Due to the high flake content it won't flow freely from seed feeders and therefore best to avoid putting into tubular seed feeders.


  • black sunflower seeds
  • flaked maize
  • rolled naked oats
  • wheat
  • red and white millet
  • oilseed rape
  • peanut granules
  • safflower and hemp

And the best bit - you can now try it and save 10%!

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