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Bird Seed Trays

Our tray feeders offer a simple bird feeding solution that's suitable for all kinds of different environments.

Whether you're looking for a bird seed tray to add to your feeding station or a small tray feeder that can be mounted on your window, you're sure to find what you're looking for here. Our bird trays are hygienic, practical, and easy to clean, helping you to feed your local birds without spreading diseases.

Remember, we don't just sell bird tray feeders - we also offer a huge variety of home-grown bird seed mixes for you to put in your seed tray! 

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What Birds Will Your Seed Tray Attract?

Different types of birds like to feed in different places. Some birds are ground feeders, while others like to perch.

Bird seed trays are known to attract a wide variety of bird species. If you add a bird tray to your garden, you can expect to see pigeons, sparrows and starlings paying you a visit to eat their fill.

If you're not sure which food is the best choice for your garden birds, feel free to call our experts on 01489 896785.
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