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Wildlife Cameras

Keep track of all the animal activity in your garden with our range of wildlife cameras. Never miss a glimpse of your garden visitors, and spot even the most elusive creatures!

Are you a keen wildlife enthusiast looking to purchase a high quality wildlife camera to extend your usual animal observation abilities? Why not invest in one of our specially-designed wildlife cameras?

Our wildlife cameras can be used in a multitude of outdoor areas, to record activity from birds and mammals who visit your outside space!

Enjoy a range of features, including high definition, motion detection, audio and infrared imaging.

For our bird enthusiasts, we have specialised bird cameras, which are ideal for keeping an eye on nesting birds and their young! If you would like to fit it into an existing box or outdoor area, you may wish to choose an adaptable bird camera to suit your current setup.

For those who would like to start from scratch, we also supply bird box camera kits, which provide everything you need to set up a viewable nest!

Browse our range of wildlife cameras below: 

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Wildlife Camera FAQs

What’s the difference between a trail camera and a wildlife camera?

When searching for a wildlife camera online, you might come across a few different terms, such as trail camera and game camera. There isn’t really any difference between the different names for wildlife cameras. 

However, different models will offer different things, so it’s important that you do your research before investing in a wildlife camera. For example, some models will include infrared imaging to record animal activity even at night, while others can even capture audio. Make sure the wildlife camera you go for is suited to your garden and your needs.


Do wildlife cameras need Wi-Fi?

Not all wildlife cameras will require Wi-Fi, although those that are Bluetooth compatible do eliminate the need for cables or storage devices, as the images captured can be transferred directly onto a smart phone or other device.

Wildlife cameras that do not have this feature can still store plenty of images and audio, instead they us SD cards and USB cables to store and transfer content onto a secondary device.


Do you need more information about our wildlife cameras and how to use them? Get in touch with our friendly team today via our contact page.

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