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Vetark Citrosan

Vetark Citrosan

Vetark CitroSan is a natural biodegradable product, which is extracted from oranges.
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Vetark CitroSan is a palatable, non toxic and GM -free.It is a very good natural sanitizer against a wide range of pathogens and also acts as a stimulant for natural immunity. Use regularly in drinking and bathing water, to minimise the risk of transmission of disease. Citrosan has been shown to inhibit the transmission of Trichomonas in poultry - and may help prevent trichomoniasis outbreaks in greenfinches. It will also help to improve the survival of fledglings during the breeding season.

lean and replenish your bird bath with Citrosan weekly.

Citrosan can also help to reduce the water freezing. 

250 ml bottle

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